Muse Design Co., Ltd.

MUSE produces works of art for home, including accent furniture, lighting and decorative accessories. Their collection is presented annually to the global market. A compelling trademark of the company is a genuine reliance on craftsmanship: every piece relies on the skills of dedicated artisans, and on best-quality manufacturing techniques using noble materials. 


Our Design
THE MUSE design philosophy embraces the beauty of Asian and European visual arts, expressed through the innovative use of   natural materials, forms and textures. In the designers' consistent quest for excellence, even the smallest detail is of the utmost importance. 
Our Studio
Passion is a hallmark of the MUSE design team, and is key to its continued success.The designers put their heart and intuition into their work, from start to finish. They start by making a pencil sketch of a design, then pass it to a production technician for review.
Our Team
For the studio team, research and development is integralto their daily work. They believe that constant learnign and investigation will lead them to create the very best products for their clients. The upkeep of R&D into product types, components, materials is important to the team.
Our Boutique
Our Boutique is locatedin Bangkok, Thailand. The address is no.366(5th Floor)Rama 2 Rd.,Samea-Dum, Bangkhunthien, Bangkok 10150 Thailand
“Made by hand”

‘Made by hand’ is one of MUSE’s long-upheld philosophies. Inspired by the Art Deco period, the designers use old-fashioned, handcrafted processes which render the most beautiful aesthetic results. In bronze production, for instance, the studio designer sculpts a wax model by hand without using a machine or computer; the piece is also cast and finished manually. The same is true for the materials used. Whether shagreen, parchment, gilding or lacquer, the chosen materials are handcrafted, which makes every piece that is produced truly unique.