About Us


The MUSE design philosophy embraces the beauty of Asian and European visual arts, expressed through the innovative use of natural materials, forms and textures. In the designers’ consistent quest for excellence, even the smallest detail is of the utmost importance. The artisans employ exceptional rare materials, such as bronze, shagreen, parchment and rock crystal. They rely on age-old handcrafting techniques such as lost-wax bronze casting, water gilding, and shagreen and parchment application

Our Design

Passion is a hallmark of the MUSE design team, and is key to its continued success. The designers put their heart and intuition into their work, from start to finish. They start by making a pencil sketch of a design, then pass it to a production technician for review to ensure that it can be feasibly manufactured with no quality constraints. Then the designers send the approved sketch to the mock up room to produce a full-size replica. The team members work side-by-side on all details of the design including texture, finishing, quality, pricing and shipment to the client.


Our Studio

‘Think beyond’ is the MUSE design motto. Designing a new piece is not about making a nice sketch. The designer will also need to know and understand the item, how it will be produced, and predict any limitations in each development phase. The designer also needs to understand the way to make each item produced cost-effective, so that in the end the client receives more than what they have paid for.