The MUSE design philosophy embraces the beauty of Asian and European visual arts, expressed through the innovative use of natural materials, forms and textures. In the designers’ consistent quest for excellence, even the smallest details are of the upmost importance. Noble materials, such as bronze, shagreen, parchment and rock crystal are used and transformed at the hands of our skilled craftsmen using age-old techniques including lost-wax bronze casting, water gilding and shagreen and parchment application

Our Design

Passion is a hallmark of the MUSE design team and is key to its continued success. From start to finish our designers put their heart and talent into their work. Working alongside production technicians, our skilled designers ensure all products can be manufactured while still maintaining the highest standard of quality. Team members work together to make certain all details including texture, finishing, quality, pricing and shipment are always perfectly executed.


Our Studio

‘Think beyond’ is the MUSE design motto. Designing is not just about a pretty sketch. Our team is committed to fully understanding an item ahead of production, ensuring any limitations to the development phase are predicted. Our team is also dedicated to producing each item in the most cost-effective manner.